Virtual Reality work

While this site is all about my print based work, I also do Virtual Reality (VR) photography. This is where you can click and drag on an image and look around in all directions as if you were standing there. I recently published an image I took in Provence, France this September and would like to share it with you here;

I was driving somewhat aimlessly through the area, scoping out possible locations for a fantasy(?) retirement when I decided to take a left turn up a road that had a historic marker. Really, in France, what road DOESN'T have historic value? What I found was this really cool early form of a telegraph station. Have a look at the image, click and drag around, and don't forget to go fullscreen - it really is a lot of fun to explore when it fills the screen!

You can see more of my VR work at my other site:

Here is a selfie I took while there. Photobombing my own pictures!